Pointe d’Orny – northeast couloir

After the latest snowfall, we searched for some fresh snow in the Val d’Arpette. For me, it was the first time here, and the mountains are beautiful. Especially the Pointe d’Orny with its northeast facing chutes is stunning! After a quite long approach of about 1000 vertical meters, we reached the bottom of the couloir. Here, our turns were earned honestly 😉

We boot packed up the most left couloir, going straight up from the bottom for 750 meters and steepening up to 45° for the last 150 meters. In the meanwhile, it got a bit cloudy, but we just kept going and enjoyed the atmosphere. From the top, we went over to a small summit on the right, but the clouds prevented our desired view…

We climbed down the upper 15 meters of the couloir before we started skiing. Only Johannes skied this steep part with rocks and icy snow, chapeau! The remaining 730 meters down were really good, with cold powdery snow on a hard surface and a perfect steepness of about 40° – 45°. It even cleared up in between.

After this, we just had to get back to the car 😉 Thanks a lot for this great day, Andi Adrian and Johannes!




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